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Collaborative Creativity & Design Thinking for Innovation Graduate Program – Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.

Collaborative creativity is an educational imperative in 21st century education as it is essential to equip educators and learners with the capacities to innovate to adapt to perpetual change and to affect positive perpetual change. Truly collaborative cultures enhance innovative potentials exponentially by enabling the free flow of ideas in truly trusting and caring, inventive environments. A central feature of this program is continual collaborative engagement in contextual creative problem solving through design thinking and design practice. This is supported against a backdrop of research into the fields of creativity, design, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Collaborative Creativity & Design Thinking for Innovation program is designed for educators from early childhood to post-secondary levels, and professionals from across the discipline spectrum to develop comprehensive, design thinking and design practice tactics and strategies to affect positive, innovative change across a wide range of real world contexts. This is accomplished through the establishment of a collaborative culture for creativity that is carried throughout the program to support the design work of all participants. Each program participant will be engaging in a highly supportive and interactive online community of collaboration and creativity throughout the program to support the growth and development of their own work as well as the work of others in the cohort. Some of these design contexts include educational and social innovation, human-centred design and entrepreneurship as well as the personal professional practice of each participant.

The Collaborative Creativity & Design Thinking for Innovation program, with its combination of face to face courses in the summer followed by online courses in the fall and winter, is highly accessible for those from diverse geographic locations and diverse professional backgrounds wishing to engage in a truly collaborative, transformative experience. This program is for those wishing to become positive agents of change through the development of the capacities for innovation in a variety of real world applications through collaborative creativity and design practice.

Building a whale is really an exercise in total teamwork. Learn more about collaborative creativity in the link below from the 2017 version of this program.

Keynotes & Presentations

Robert Kelly is well known as a featured keynote speaker on the topic of creativity in educational practice featuring his new research and insightful ideas on creativity in education, and humourous anecdotes that are mined from his diverse personal journey. His motivational and highly energetic presentations have inspired many to develop their own creative potential across the discipline spectrum and to transform organizations. He has presented to a broad range of educational and private organizations nationally and internationally. Presentation topics include (but are not limited to):

  1. Collaborative Creativity – The Educational Imperative
  2. Creative Development – Transforming Education through Design Thinking, Innovation and Invention
  3. Entrepreneurship through Design Thinking and Creative Development
  4. Educating for Creativity
    • Understanding Creative Development
    • Assessing creative development
    • Designing Education for Creativity
    • Design Thinking in Teacher Education
    • Instructional Design for Creative Development
    • Creative Development Across the Disciplines
  5. Collaborative Idea Generation and Development
  6. Design Thinking: The Accessible Lens for Creative Development
  7. Engagement and Motivation Through Design Thinking and Innovation
  8. NeoLEARNING – The Frontier of Education, Education Transformation